Conference Papers and Reports

pdfReflections on Cairo (ICPD) Renate Klein, 1994

pdfDeclaration of People’s Perspectives on “Population” Symposium – 1993

pdfGenethics Network Conference (Australia) – 1992

pdf“Grey Gentlemen, Young Ladies, And The Fetus In The Maternal Compartment”: Observations At The International Conference On “The Fetus As A Patient” Claudia Schulze – 1991

pdfWomen Procreation And Environment , Brazil – Thais Corral -1991

pdfReport On The World Women’s Congress For A Healthy Planet – 1991

pdfReport On The Philosophical Ethics In Reproductive Medicine 2nd International Conference, University Of Leeds – 1991

pdf“Test Tube Under Test,” An International Conference To Critically Assess Reproductive Engineering, Paris Anne Waldschmidt – 1991

pdfReport On The Finrrage Ubinig Regional Meeting Farida Akhter – 1990

pdfReport On The 6th International Women And Health Meeting, Philippines – 1990

pdfThe Bogève Declaration: Towards A People-Oriented Biotechnology – 1990

pdfDeclaration of Comilla – 1989

pdfPeople As Products: The Ethical, Legal And Social Issues In Reproductive Technologies And Other Procedures Involving The Commercialization Of Body Parts And Tissues – 1989

pdfConference Report UBINIG FINRRAGE Comilla Christine Ewing and Renate Klein – 1989

pdfGerman Women Say ‘No’ To Reproductive And Genetic Technologies 2nd Congress against Reproductive and Genetic Engineering Renate Klein – 1989

pdfThird International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women – 1988

pdfThe First International Conference On Philosophical Ethics In Reproductive Medicine And Challenging Issues In Bioethics, International Seminar Of The Fondazione Internationale Premio E. Balzan–“Premio” – 1988

pdfHaving Children–A Matter Of High Technology (Report Of The 13th German Congress For Perinatal Medicine In Berlin) Barbara Orland – 1988

pdfMaternity In The Laboratory: An International Forum On The New Reproductive Technologies Robyn Rowland – 1988

pdfFrauen In Auseinandersetzung mit Gen-und Fortpflanzungstechnologien (Women Responding To Genetic And Reproductive Technologies) Helga Satsinger And Patricia Spallone – 1988

pdfResolution Of The First European Conference Of Finrrage (Sweden) – 1985